Trees and plants to export within Europe that is what we do. From our own nursery, but you can order (almost) everything from me. What we do not have in stock , we look for you within our network in the Netherlands.

So you’re come to the right place for all your green!

Our plants find their way mostly at present to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

If you have any question please contact Rudi Hofman.

PICT1571 PICT1570 PICT1585 PICT1584 PICT1581 PICT1578 PICT1576 PICT1575 PICT1574 Prunus laur Etna 60-70 C7 Prunus laur. Novita 80-100 C7 Fotos januari 2011 005

Thuja occ. Smaragd 100+ Thuja occ. Brabant 150-175 Cham. law. Ellwoodii 60-70 PICT1294