About us

In late 2005, owner Rudi Hofman started the export of plants, in particular to northern Europe. It soon became clear that customer loyalty is important when it comes to export of plants. Therefore, from the start i have traveled a lot and from there we have nice contacts at home and abroad.

In May 2008 the nursery at the Halve Raak 69 in Boskoop – Holland was bought. Since then we are called Dalen-Hofman plantexport.

Dalen-Hofman plantexport stands for quality and personal care in export of plants.

Acer tataricum Ginalla Prunus laur. Rotundifolia 80-100.


PICT1578 Thuja occ. Smaragd 100+

foto. PICT1363

PICT1214 PICT1333

PICT1332 PICT1325

PICT1397 PICT1320


PICT1294 Acer tataricum Ginale