Dalen Hofman

Okulette  &  Flexiband


We supply all known tree species in all stem widths and heights. Once our stock is inadequate, we make our purchasing network in order to deliver your order.


We supply all known plants in all sizes. Our purchasing network consists of a selected group of growers who work with the same quality as we do.

Herbs plants

Between Februari and June we have a large sortiment off herbs in nice quality.

What we do:

Dalen & Hofman plant is an export company that deals with the export of plants and trees in particular to Northern-Europe.

We are located in Boskoop what is known for many years when it comes to growing trees and plants in many different sorts.

For us is particularly important the export of plants from Boskoop in good quality.

If you have questions please feel free to contact Rudi Hofman.

Rudi Hofman

Rudi Hofman